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50+ fascinating facts


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50+ Fascinating Facts About Language

Since humans first began to speak, languages have developed and disseminated across the continents to become an integral part of our culture and identity.

The infographic below, created by TakeLessons, includes 50+ facts about the fascinating nature of language and the way it shapes our world.

Fascinating facts about language

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  • False Friende
    There are many words in the Swedish language that look just like English words, but they mean something very different. These “false friends” can be spelled exactly like a word you’re familiar with in English, or the spelling may be so close, you assume the meaning is the same. Proceed with caution!
  • Numbers
    A well-crafted global marketing approach requires adapting messaging, images, graphics, colors, and even numbers so they are appropriate for each culture. And, in some countries, the numbers you use may have more impact than you think.
  • Color
    On a website, color directs the eye, conveys messages, and invokes emotion. However, the meanings attributed to colors vary from culture to culture, and a single color may have very different meanings around the world.
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