• Which Languages to Translate: A Strategic Guide

    Which languages should you prioritize for translation? From the statistical landscape of global languages to strategic insights and considerations, we’ll help you make informed decisions to connect with your target audience.

  • Translating Inclusive Language: Tips and Best Practices

    In this article, we look at inclusive language and offer recommendations for organizations that are striving to embrace larger, less homogenous audiences with their global communications.

  • High Quality Translation: Terminology Management to the Rescue

    In this article, we discuss the value of terminology management and examine some key tools that help improve overall translation quality while boosting efficiency.

  • Translating the Tagalog Language

    The Tagalog language has a reach that stretches far beyond its country of origin, the Philippines. In this article, we look at the Tagalog language, examine where it’s spoken today, and explore the relationship between Tagalog and Filipino.

  • Language Quality Assurance

    Learn how Language Quality Assurance establishes processes for evaluating and providing feedback on previously translated materials based on pre-established criteria.