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Transcreation Services

An ad campaign written for the American market needs a different spin to resonate with people in Mexico or Japan or India. Nuances matter. Cultural norms differ, consumer preferences vary, and a message that is clear to Americans may elicit a wildly different response elsewhere in the world.

Speak Your Clients’ Language

To develop meaningful connections across languages and cultures, multilingual messaging must be meticulously tailored to your audience. By adapting your ideas and concepts to local preferences, transcreation can make your messaging persuasive and evocative to the people you are trying to reach.

When Tone, Style, and Emotion Matter

Eriksen will develop clean, concise, creative copy to make your multilingual campaigns have an impact in your target locales. Our copywriters have the skill and finesse produce content that will capture the spirit of your messaging, convey your desired tone, and stay on brand. Throughout the process, they will work closely with your team to thoroughly understand the intent of your campaign so your new copy will elicit the right response. We offer multiple versions of the transcreated messaging so you can pick the iteration that best maintains the voice of your desired voice.

Multilingual, Multicultural Marketing

We can help you tell your story across languages:

  • taglines and slogans
  • web copy
  • advertisements
  • brand messaging
  • social media
  • product/service names
  • email marketing
  • marketing collateral
  • campaigns

A Creative, Culturally Responsive Team

Eriksen’s multilingual copywriters are native speakers of their target language with strong proficiency in the source language. By living in the country for which the content is intended, our linguists are intimately familiar with local dialects and recognize the cultural, political, and social issues that impact the way a message is perceived.

Our multilingual copywriters are seasoned in creative marketing, able to generate compelling copy, develop fresh ideas, and analyze design elements such as color, graphics, and imagery.

SEO Transcreation and Marketing

An SEO strategy developed for specific global markets will help the right audiences search for and discover your digital content. With a combination of linguistic and market know-how, our experts will conduct comprehensive research on regional keyword usage and search volume in your target markets, to help you increase your international presence and rankings.

Expertly Crafted Messaging

Eriksen’s committed team has the linguistic and cultural expertise to help you develop effective, unified, multilingual marketing content. We develop messaging that is emotionally engaging in the target locale—so you can thrive in new markets.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is the process of fully adapting content for a specific culture. It is most commonly used for marketing, advertising purposes, such as websites, ads, and other creative concepts that do not always translate directly from one culture to another. Transcreation sometimes requires making substantial changes to the original content, while maintaining its intent, style, and voice. The result is often a combination of newly developed content, translated content, and content that has been recreated.

How is transcreation different from translation?

Translation is the process of rendering text from one language into another. The intent of the message must be conveyed in the target language and the finished translation should sound as if it was written by a native speaker of that language. Transcreation, also known as creative translation, is about adapting ideas and concepts. Often used in marketing and advertising, it takes into consideration the cultural differences and the effectiveness of the content on the target culture.

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