Multilingual Typesetting

At Eriksen, we approach typesetting with the same care and attention to detail that run through all of our work. Combining the expertise of seasoned typesetting professionals, eagle-eye project managers, and tried-and-true processes, we deliver layouts that are clear, accurate, and visually appealing in any language.

potential pitfalls

Multilingual typesetting entails setting text while adhering to country-specific typographical conventions. It’s not easy. Double-byte characters and bi-directional text change the look of even the most carefully designed layout. When text is translated, it often expands or contracts relative to the source language. As a result, different languages may not fit into your images, charts, and buttons as planned. Bulleted or numerical lists don’t always flow as expected. Awkward line breaks happen, and accents or labels go missing.

typographical expertise

Eriksen will help you navigate the challenges. Our multilingual typesetting experts will handle formatting issues that arise from even the most challenging of character sets. We will set your text for optimal readability, taking into consideration any cultural issues while solving the specific challenges presented by different languages.

We will ensure:

  • The correct fonts are used and the text displays properly in the layout files.
  • The text adheres to all typographical rules for punctuation, spacing, and page setup.
  • All your materials maintain uniformity of design across language combinations and file formats.

checks and balances

As a final step, we perform a stringent round of post-typesetting proofreading by our linguistic team to confirm that the integrity of your translation was preserved in the typesetting process. All graphics files are collected and delivered in the format you need for print or electronic distribution.

We manage the process from start to finish, either when providing typesetting in combination with translation, or as an independent service.

delivering quality

By merging typographical expertise, a linguistic perspective, and a rigorous focus on quality, Eriksen will make all of your materials look as though they were created for your target audience. So you look good—in any language.

Without fail, Eriksen has come through for us for the last 16 years. They come through—on-time, on budget and flawlessly.

Peter Byrnes, President, Lúgh Studio, Inc.

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