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Whether you need multilingual litigation support or a contract translated, you’re in the right place. With nearly 40 years of experience supporting major law firms and corporate in-house legal departments, we have the track record. And we care about the details.

Fast, Reliable Legal Translation Services

We understand that legal translation is time sensitive, with no room for errors. With a dedicated in-house staff and an extensive network of language professionals, we have the structure to keep pace with your deadlines.

Expert Legal Translators

Our translators have impeccable linguistic skills coupled with years of experience translating for the legal sector. They are familiar with the format and structure of legal documents and fully understand the terminology needed to produce unambiguous language that strictly adheres to the meaning of the source text.

Established Workflows for Quality and Efficiency

Eriksen utilizes an effective workflow that integrates quality-control measures throughout the process. By utilizing a stringent, three-step process, we ensure that even the most complex legal text is translated with accuracy and precision. Our seasoned, in-house staff follows rigorous protocols to ensure your translations are delivered on time and within budget, every time.

Legal Translation Services

  • Certified translation
  • Translation for informational purposes only
  • On-site document review and summary translation
  • Large-scale litigation support
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • Contract abstraction
  • Multilingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Transcription
  • Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

Subject Types

Corporate Law

Eriksen provides translation support to legal teams, helping corporations conduct business around the globe. We handle it all—from due diligence to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, regulatory and technical documentation, human resource and union matters, codes of conduct, and compliance.

Civil and Human Rights

At Eriksen, we are proud to support organizations that fight sex traffickers, shelter abused women, and help those with disabilities. Through our work with clients such as UN Women and the NYC Commission on Human Rights, we have developed a strong team of professionals who specialize in translating highly sensitive content.


Translation and interpretation are critical to immigration procedures. From providing translation services for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to interpreting at immigration hearings, we provide the full range of language support required by immigration courts and attorneys.

Art Litigation

Looted art from World War II has found illicit homes across the globe. Our translations support restitution of drawings, paintings, and other works of art to their rightful owners or securing adequate compensation.

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)

In addition to traditional human translation, we offer Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services tailored to law firms. MT can be a cost-effective and efficient method to process high-volume legal translations and can be tailored leveraging style guides, glossaries, and previously translated content.  MTPE leverages the speed and efficiency of machine translation combined with the expertise of a human editor, making it an ideal solution for multilingual legal discovery and other large sets of documents. By incorporating the best approach for each matter, we help our clients reduce costs and meet tight deadlines while adhering to security and legal regulation requirements.

Information Security and Confidentiality

We have robust safeguards in place to preserve the confidentiality and protect the security of your materials. Legally binding confidentiality agreements are in place with all of our employees and contractors. Our staff is trained in issues pertaining to cybersecurity and will employ all appropriate measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Eriksen takes all reasonable steps to secure our clients’ data through the use of technology, controls, and auditable policies. We continually monitor and enforce these policies and adapt our controls as necessary to ensure your data remains safe.

How can you get legal documents translated?

If you require the translation of legal documents, fill out our request-a-quote form, and a member of our client services team will be in touch. With 35 years of experience supporting major law firms and corporate in-house legal departments, Eriksen provides high-quality translation with on-time delivery. Our translators fully understand the terminology needed to produce unambiguous language that strictly adheres to the meaning of the source text.

Why translate legal documents?

In legal translation, small errors can have large consequences. Due to the complexities involved, legal documents are best handled by a language services provider expertise in the translation of legal materials. They can ensure that the meaning of your legal documents is communicated accurately, and all technical terminology and “legalese” is captured appropriately.

Why is legal translation important?

Legal translation services accurately render the meaning of legal documents from the source to the target language. Legal translation services include on-site document review and summary translation, litigation support, translation for informational purposes only, and certified translation.

What are the difficulties in legal translation?

In legal translation, there is no room for error. It is essential that text be translated with accuracy and completed within the required turnaround times. Legal documents may include complex language and terminology, which requires linguists with expertise in the source and target languages. Translators must fully understand the nuances of different legal systems and the terminology needed to produce unambiguous language that strictly adheres to the meaning of the source text.

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