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Translation Services

Since 1986, Eriksen has delivered first-rate translations crafted with cultural sensitivity and linguistic expertise. By combining skilled human translators, cutting-edge technology, and stringent quality assurance measures, we empower you to connect with new audiences.

The Translation Process

At Eriksen, we follow tried-and-true processes to ensure excellence. Each and every project undergoes three steps: translation, editing, and quality control. This allows us to establish the checks and balances needed to make sure our translations are accurate, consistent, and adhere to your style and vision.

A Global Community of Translators

Your content will be handled by the best of the best. All of our translators and editors are experts in their language combinations, with demonstrated competency in their areas of expertise. They live and work in the countries for which they translate, so they can use a culturally appropriate tone that captures the local flavor of the language.

A Customized Approach to Translation

Aided by years of experience and industry know-how, our production team oversees every step of the translation process. We believe in establishing close partnerships with our clients, so we can understand your challenges and customize the solutions to support your needs.

Technical Prowess

Cutting-edge technology helps our human translators improve consistency and efficiency, so we can improve translation quality and lower your costs. Our tools facilitate online collaboration by enabling you to review materials with full access to style guides and glossaries.

Typographical Expertise

Whether your text is bi-directional or double-byte, or expands or contracts relative to the English, we will typeset your content so your materials look as though they were created in the target language. Our multilingual typesetting professionals properly implement all typographic rules for punctuation, spacing, and page setup, while accommodating for the length and space requirements that vary by language.

Comprehensive Digital Localization

Around the world, only 25% of internet users speak English as their preferred language. Eriksen will help you create and launch user-friendly digital content that is tailored to specific locales. Our localization experts will adapt the graphics and layout to suit the tastes of your markets. We will ensure proper formatting of dates, addresses, and phone numbers and convert currencies and units of measure to local requirements, producing an online experience that is relevant and engaging to the target users.

Language Quality Assessment

Our language quality assessment (LQA) service involves a meticulous review of your translated content, ensuring it perfectly aligns with its intended purpose and your brand voice. Flexible in scope, LQA ranges from comprehensive reviews of all content to selective spot checks, and can extend to the management of glossaries, translation memories, and style guides. Incorporating LQA into your strategy helps enhance the accuracy and impact of your translations, strengthening engagement and trust with your audience.

Your Translation Partner

With tried-and true-processes, accomplished linguists, a veteran staff, and cutting-edge technology, Eriksen provides the end-to-end solutions you need to engage and inspire your audiences.

What are translation services used for?

In an increasingly diverse world, translation services help bridge communication barriers. Organizations use translation to make their content resonate with diverse audiences, establish multilingual brands across cultures, and support global workforces.

How much do translation services cost?

Translation costs are calculated based on the number of words to be translated, and the language(s) being translated. Additional factors may include content type, turnaround time, and specific project requirements. Services such as typesetting and graphics localization are charged hourly and quoted based on an analysis of the files. To get started, visit our request-a-quote page, and we will provide you with a free quote.

What are translation services?

Translation renders meaning from one language (the source) into another language (the target). Translators must use proper grammar and vocabulary to convey the original intent of the messaging while taking into consideration cultural and regional differences between the source and target languages.

Eriksen Translations has always been very professional, responsive and accommodating. Their fast turnaround doesn’t compromise the accuracy and excellent quality in translation even when the subject matter is highly specialized. It is always a pleasure to recommend Eriksen to other clients without any hesitation.

Anna Pandolfo, Translation Specialist, Massachusetts General Hospital

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