• Supporting Communities with Less-Commonly Translated Languages

    While Spanish and Chinese are frequently translated, less widely encountered languages are also being used to meet the needs of local communities.

  • How to Choose the Best Language Variant for Your Cultural Institution

    Selecting the right languages for translation is challenging, but things get especially perplexing when a language has multiple variants. To help, we examine a few common languages and the way they are typically handled by U.S.-based museums and cultural institutions.

  • Accessibility and Translation

    Accessibility programs and translation services are often viewed as separate resources. However, there are intersections. There may be times when assets can be remodeled or developed with multiple audiences in mind.

  • Translation for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

    Eriksen Translations is proud to support the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures with the translation of materials to support the grand opening and key programs.

  • The Art of Archival Translation

    Uncovering the meaning of archival texts and handwritten documents can have immense scholarly value. In this video, we share some meaningful projects involving the transcription and translation of historical, handwritten texts.