• The Art of Archival Translation

    Uncovering the meaning of archival texts and handwritten documents can have immense scholarly value. In this video, we share some meaningful projects involving the transcription and translation of historical, handwritten texts.

  • Eriksen Translations Recognized as One of North America’s Top 30 Language Service Providers

    CSA Research, an independent market research firm, has named Eriksen Translations as one of the providers leading the delivery of language services, ranking it among the top 30 LSPs in North America.

  • Cost of Translation Services

    Translation pricing can be confusing to many first-time buyers. In this article, we outline the factors that impact translation costs and provide you with tips to help ensure projects stay within budget.

  • COVID-19 Resources to Support Accurate Translation

    The coronavirus pandemic introduced specific terms and phrases that must be translated effectively and used consistently. We have compiled a COVID-19 glossary of 150 terms in 18 languages to help organizations translate critical resources.

  • Why Subject-Matter Expertise Leads to Better Outcomes in Translation

    Translators should have in-depth knowledge about the subject they are translating. Learn why subject-matter expertise is the backbone of good translation.