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Insurance Translation Services

Insurance-related information can be hard to comprehend even in one’s native language. For those who are not proficient English speakers, the complex language and terminology can be especially challenging. Translation helps insurance companies provide in-language resources that enable all individuals to understand the terms of their policies and participate in the claims process in their native language.

Insurance Translation Services

Eriksen helps insurance providers translate the materials needed to support their clients and comply with federal and state laws.

  • insurance claims
  • policy documents
  • forms and applications
  • medical transcripts
  • accident and police reports
  • privacy policies
  • brochures and manuals
  • websites
  • marketing and PR materials

In addition to translating policy and claims documentation, we support outreach and branding efforts along with internal communications, human resources materials, and e-learning.

Professional and Accurate Insurance Translation

With years of experience translating for the finance and insurance sectors, our linguists are well versed in insurance industry terminology. They are also native, in-country speakers of their target language, continuously using it in day-to-day life as well as at work. This alignment provides them with the familiarity needed to fully grasp any language’s evolving context, flow, and syntax.

Translating Insurance Claims

Claims forms are essential to ensuring patients and medical providers are compensated appropriately for services rendered. Considered critical documents for healthcare access, claims require accurate, precise translation to appropriately service the needs of limited-English proficient policy holders. Translation helps optimize the claims process for all parties by giving providers a better understanding of all pertinent factors and reducing the time needed for processing.

As a long-term preferred provider to top insurance companies, Eriksen handles insurance-related material on a daily basis. By translating insurance claims in a manner that is clear, accurate, and specific, we help policy holders receive equal access to information in their native language while reducing the potential for misunderstanding.

Supporting a Global Workforce With Translation

While many people around the world speak English as a second language, competency varies significantly. And when workforces comprise individuals who are native speakers of different languages, cross-organizational communications can present challenges.

Translation helps organizations disseminate clear, consistent internal messaging and build inclusive communication practices. By making information accessible across languages, companies are better able to engage those individuals who are not native English speakers and create welcoming environments with knowledgeable, informed workers.

Eriksen regularly translates internal communications for clients with global workforces. This includes:

  • e-newsletters and intranet articles
  • intranets and internal portals
  • employee handbooks
  • surveys
  • codes of conduct and related training
  • online training materials and learning management systems

Establishing a culture of open communication that is accessible across languages produces employees who are emboldened to collaborate effectively and work seamlessly with international colleagues.

Confidentiality and Data Security

The team at Eriksen understands that the security of our environment directly impacts our clients and their reputations. We take all appropriate steps to secure our clients’ data using technology, controls, and auditable practices. By continually monitoring and enforcing these policies, we adapt our controls as needed to minimize any possibility of data being sent outside of our established environments.

We execute legally binding agreements with all our employees and contractors that cover confidentiality and the appropriate use of client data. Our staff is trained regularly in issues pertaining to data security, treats all client documentation as highly confidential, and takes all appropriate measures to safeguard sensitive information.

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