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Financial Translation Services

In today’s global economy, financial services companies must cater to increasingly diverse consumer segments and nurture strong business partnerships around the world. When managing international workforces, organizations have the added challenge of maintaining a cohesive corporate culture that promotes ethical conduct and offers an environment in which all individuals can thrive. Global companies rely on translation services to accomplish these objectives and succeed in an evolving, diversifying marketplace.

Financial Services Translation

In documenting complex international mergers and acquisitions, or customizing internal training for a global staff, multilingual materials have become essential for companies competing in the global financial services market. With translated materials, companies engage and empower diverse customer bases by enabling all individuals to access the information they need and make informed financial decisions.

Eriksen maintains long-term relationships with leading financial services companies, helping them engage new customers and build strong relationships with clients and partners. We support a variety of business areas, including:

  • compliance and ethics
  • human resources
  • learning and development
  • legal and regulatory
  • marketing, communications, and PR
  • operations
  • retail banking
  • risk management

Subject-Matter Expertise in Financial Services Translation

Translating financial products, legal documents, and insurance information requires a comprehensive understanding of industry-specific terminology. Translators and editors with experience supporting financial services companies are best suited to deliver the precision and specificity needed for this sector. As a preferred partner to leading financial services firms, Eriksen supports a strong network of linguists who are native speakers of their target language and experts in financial services terminology.

Banking Translation

When handling people’s money, there’s no room for miscommunication. Inauthentic messaging, cultural insensitivity, or translation mistakes erode consumer confidence and threaten the integrity of a brand. Banking institutions rely on translation to instill confidence and help customers make informed, appropriate financial decisions.

Working in more than 100 languages, Eriksen helps banks do business with customers around the world, as well as local, linguistically diverse communities in the U.S. By translating information about loans and accounts in a manner that is accurate and specific, we help individuals with limited English proficiency make better financial decisions.

Translating Ethics Hotlines

To comply with regulations and promote a culture of honesty and accountability, most financial services companies have an ethics, compliance, or whistleblower hotline, or similar method for employees to anonymously report questionable actions. Global organizations rely on translation to fully convey the reports being made and support the ethics and integrity of their international workforces.

Given the sensitive nature of the content submitted through such hotlines, it is important that translation be swift, secure, and confidential. Eriksen provides clear, on-demand translation of incident reports and ethics or whistleblower hotline submissions, so our clients have timely, accurate information that can be properly investigated and addressed.

Code of Conduct Translation

A code of conduct or code of ethics helps financial services companies maintain business integrity by providing guidelines so employees and their supervisors can make ethical decisions and act in compliance with the law. Adherence to the company’s code of conduct is the obligation of all employees, and as such, every staff member must have a thorough understanding of the content so they can conduct their job functions in accordance with ethical guidelines and applicable laws.

Even with the best code of conduct policies, any company can face significant risk if all employees do not understand and adhere to the guidelines. By providing regular code of conduct training in employees’ native languages, companies mitigate risk and keep everyone informed about corporate policies and industry-wide regulations.

Promote Employee Engagement by Translating Employee Communications

Growing evidence shows that workplace diversity contributes to successful business outcomes. An employee pool comprising individuals with varying attributes—race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicity—boosts a company’s intellectual potential and helps organizations attract and retain the best available talent. Creating an inclusive, accessible environment for a diverse workforce means embracing and supporting linguistic and cultural differences. To truly build inclusive corporate cultures, companies must consider the language preferences of their staff and work to ensure that everyone’s native language is accepted and welcomed.

Eriksen helps financial services companies translate the information they need to keep their global staff engaged and informed:

  • e-newsletters and intranet articles
  • intranets and internal portals
  • employee handbooks
  • surveys
  • online training materials and learning management systems

Online Training Localization

To create equity among staff members, learning materials must be equally accessible to those who do not read and write proficiently in English as well as to native English speakers. In addition to being the most inclusive approach, in-language training is also the most effective. People learn better in their own language when they can immediately focus on the subject matter rather than first needing to translate the material. Conversely, when a learner receives training in their first language, complex topics are easier to comprehend, and trainees less likely to misinterpret the course content.

Eriksen helps financial services companies localize e-learning content for their global workforces, so our clients can meet compliance, development, and engagement goals. We support all industry-standard e-learning applications and offer comprehensive quality assurance testing to ensure multimedia components and language quality standards are met.

We assist our clients with a multitude of training materials, around the following areas:

  • regulatory and compliance
  • skills and process
  • technology
  • quality
  • introduction and refresher
  • product
  • health and safety

Supporting Global Brands With Translation

A clear, well-defined brand helps a company increase recognition, stay memorable, and stand out among the competition, all while developing trust and loyalty within the marketplace. Branding also helps companies recruit the best candidates and build internal cohesion. Global companies rely on translation and transcreation to adapt marketing materials and brand messaging to the countries they are targeting, engage new prospects and clients, and build consistent international identities.

Eriksen supports global marketing and communications departments, providing translation, localization, and transcreation services across a range of collateral. From in-branch marketing to integrated campaigns, public relations, and multimedia, our linguists have the expertise and cultural competency to deliver the language needed for impactful, effective global marketing.

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