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From the doctor’s office to the courtroom, the classroom to the boardroom, we provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in over 100 languages.

In our increasingly multilingual world, schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and businesses of all shapes and sizes need a reliable means to communicate with people who speak other languages. Eriksen makes it easy by facilitating interpreting services when and where you need them.


In a consecutive interpreting session, an interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying, and renders the speaker’s dialogue into another language after the speaker has paused. This mode of interpreting is often used for small business meetings, training, workshops, medical examinations, and legal proceedings.

Just give us the details, and we will carefully hand-select the interpreter whose background best matches the subject matter and other unique requirements of your assignment. All of our interpreters are highly vetted, reliable, and maintain rigorous standards of professionalism. They are experts in their language pair and possess the interpersonal skills needed to handle complex dialogue and sensitive subject matter.


Simultaneous interpreting is often used for large conferences, corporate meetings and presentations, or other events where two or more languages are required. Linguists interpret what the speaker is saying in real time, and the dialogue is transmitted to listeners via headsets.

Eriksen’s experienced staff will facilitate every last detail of your simultaneous interpreting session, no matter the size or complexity. Our interpreters are trained in simultaneous interpreting and have undergone an extensive vetting and credentialing process to ensure their proficiency.

We offer state-of-the-art audio equipment for conferences, wired or wireless, including soundproof interpreting booths, distribution systems, microphones, headsets and receivers. All of our equipment is designed to meet exacting standards for clarity and natural sound quality, with installation provided by knowledgeable technicians experienced in handling complex setups.


When over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is your preferred solution, Eriksen offers on-demand access to an extensive network of interpreters, proficient in more than 200 languages. Service is quick, easy to use, confidential, affordable, and available 24/7. You just dial the number, plug in the access code, and any member of your team will be rapidly connected with a skilled, qualified interpreter.

flexible, customized solutions

No matter the size or the technical or linguistic requirements, we will facilitate smooth, accessible multilingual communications in the manner that best fits your needs.

Without fail, Eriksen has come through for us for the last 16 years. They come through—on-time, on budget and flawlessly.

Peter Byrnes, President

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