Are you ready to take your message to the world? Or maybe you’re seeking to engage the local multilingual community? You’re in the right place. Eriksen delivers best-in-class translation services to help you create compelling content in 100+ languages. We empower you to make authentic connections by engaging with people in a language they understand.

expand your impact

Eriksen can help if you’re ready to …

  • Translate and typeset your print materials so your content resonates with diverse audiences.
  • Localize your website, audio, and apps by adapting your digital content to the preferences of your target locales.
  • Establish a coherent multilingual brand that will resonate across cultures.

the solutions you need

After 35 years in business, we know how to get it right. We have the track record. We get your challenges. And we understand the nuance needed to craft precise, impactful language that preserves the power of your messaging and the integrity of your brand. So we can give you the edge in a diverse, ever-changing world.

Marden-Kane has worked with Eriksen on numerous translation projects over the past few years. Their professionalism, competitive pricing and flexibility are just a few of the reasons we continue to turn to Eriksen for our translation needs. They value total customer satisfaction, and provide a quality product. Eriksen helps us look good to our clients!

Marden-Kane, Inc.

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